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This page helps you find a registered arborist business in CT.  The Search Feature allows you to search for a registered arborist business by proximity to your location.  If you simply want a list of registered arborist business, please click on the first button below.

If you are searching for a specific individual (rather than a business), please click the button below to download a list of all CT licensed arborists.

To learn more about the licensing and registration requirements associated with arboriculture, please visit the Home page.  To learn more about what an arborist does, visit the About Arborists page.

To look up a Connecticut Licensed Arborist please click on the link:

Once you are on the page to look up the Arborist, please select ” Pesticide Commerical Supervisor” as the License Type and add any other information you have such as name or business name.  You can also look up arborists by Town.  If you have any questions, please call CTPA office at 203 484-2512 or


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